The over-indebtedness is progressing visibly in France. The figures published by the Banque de France are formal. French households are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the loans they have taken out. In this register, the Île-de-France region is among the most affected. For households in Ile-de-France affected by over-indebtedness, they can apply for a loan buyback in Paris .

Clear evolution of over-indebtedness in Île-de-France

When it comes to over-indebtedness, this concerns the increase in household debt levels and that in Île-de-France. Given that this estimate has evolved by 20%, it worries more and more, because of the number of debt overhangs that the Bank of France has identified.

With the economic crisis of two years ago, the evolution of overindebtedness in Île-de-France is among the most alarming. On the other hand, according to the personal recovery or RPP procedures, the percentage of debt write-off accepted by a judge has also increased.

As a result, one out of four files is accepted by the banking institutions because all the parameters are met. That is to say that at the level of acceptances concerning requests for repurchase of loan, an increase is noted.

Reasons for over-indebtedness by households

Two reasons explain the over-indebtedness of households in Île-de-France: passive over-indebtedness and the phenomenon of aging. In the case of passive over-indebtedness, these are accumulated debts due to major changes that have occurred in a person’s life. These are households that have experienced difficult situations, such as dismissal, divorce, illness …

To get by, they had to go into debt because their fixed income does not allow them to have a decent life. As a result, 75% of households are affected by this phenomenon today. On the other hand, those who are called the “working poor” have grown considerably, before the 2007 crisis.

Regarding the phenomenon of aging affecting people with high debt, and this in Île-de-France, this is the decline in growth regarding requests for repurchase of loan. But what is most striking in this phenomenon is the profile of people who will make requests to buy back loan. The dominant profile of the loan redemption applicants is the elderly.

Paris is also one of the cities with a high level of debt distress on the part of the population. Thus, the evolution of this phenomenon is becoming faster. It is noted that there are large geographical differences regarding the phenomenon of over-indebtedness. Apart from that, there is a clear difference in how to administer the cases to be treated.

As a result, while over-indebted individuals continue to grow, the phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread. In order to solve this problem, it is possible to resort to the purchase of loan, and the institutions that offer this type of service in Paris are numerous.

Paris abounds with many institutions offering the system of repurchase of loan, thus coming to the aid to the over-indebted persons. Above all, the system consists in grouping all the applicant’s accumulated loans into a single loan, and facilitating the repayment of the loan through a reduced rate.

Then, a loan surrender will be more receivable in the event that the applicant has a mortgage. Finally, we must be sure to repay the loan, that’s why the use of a simulator is essential. The borrower can thus assess the total amount of his loan, as well as the threshold of his rate.