The repurchase of mortgage is a refinancing solution open to any French resident, real estate owner, aged 18 years or more and who wishes to be redeemed his (her) current credit (s).


The mortgage buyback, what is it?

Make a repurchase of real estate credit The repurchase of loans is the repurchase by a specialized institution of several loan accumulated by a borrower. If it is only a single credit, it is called this operation a loan redemption.

The purchase of consumer credit only includes conso loan. When there is a real estate credit in the accumulation of loan, then it is called repurchase of loan for homeowners or repurchase a mortgage.

The redemption of loan has two objectives

First, it allows the indebted person to regain purchasing power in the short term through a decrease in the amount of monthly payments obtained by the operation of repurchase of loan and the spread of the debt on a longer period.

But, it should be known that, in this case, the cost of the credit is increased and that the operation itself of the redemption at a cost: cost of the lifting of the mortgage, cost of the new guarantee.

Or, it is to buy back his various loan to renegotiate his rates and thus to make
lower the total cost of its claims.

The repurchase transaction is regulated by the law (Loi Lagarde de 2011).