Not every patient can afford the often high costs of dentures from their own financial resources. Statutory health insurance companies receive from their health insurance companies only the so-called standard dental services, which in many cases neither qualitatively nor aesthetically correspond to today’s medical technology standard. But even with the private insured it looks by no means better. Here, too, the private insurance companies have agreed tariffs whose financial coverage often only allow the modest basic standard. In addition, the private health insurance companies expect their insured to participate in such an amount, which makes the inclusion of a loan absolutely necessary. Consumers who have taken out supplementary dental insurance will be reimbursed for at least part of the dental replacement costs.

To finance dentures own contribution or supplement by loan

Remedy from this predicament can ultimately only provide a cheap loan. Upon request and as needed, this loan can be used to finance both the own contribution of the standard care as well as the surcharge for any higher quality treatment. These types of loans are generally classic installment loans, which are given by most German banks on favorable terms to private customers .

These are typically loans in excess of € 500, which will be repaid to the Bank in monthly installments plus any maturing interest rates.

loan directly from the dentist?

Meanwhile, most dentists offer their patients various financing options for dentures. The doctors work together with special financial service providers, which are usually subsidized by the dental laboratories, which are responsible for the respective dentures. This is a special form of installment loan. The payment of this earmarked loan is then made directly to the dentist.

At first glance, these offers appear to be particularly cheap, but nevertheless, you should look carefully here. Although the customer will be promised zero-percent financing if they repay the loan within six months, if the deadline is exceeded , interest rates will rise significantly . Not infrequently, such avoidable loans are up to ten percent more expensive afterwards.

The actual goal of these offers is to entice the patient by these favorable offers to usually more expensive treatments, whereby it is given only a short-term thinking time. However, then there is the great danger that the patients take over financially through the costly dentures.

Income and loan rating

As with any conventional installment loan, the respective banks conduct a loan check . This includes the proof of a regular income, the amount of which must be above the legal attachment exemption limit. As a rule, this applies to a monthly net income of at least 1,500 euros.

If the loan for dentures is rejected as a result of a negative decision, the possibility of a loan in connection with a guarantee or the granting of additional collateral from the borrower still exists.

Anyone who thinks about a loan for dentures, the aspect of cost reduction should not be ignored. This includes reviewing the items listed in the estimate. Here one should not shy away from seeking a second opinion , either at the responsible dental office or at the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung.

Equally indispensable is a comparison of loan conditions on the corresponding Internet platforms. Most online banks offer far cheaper interest rates than traditional commercial banks.

The statutory health insurance companies do not take over the entire costs incurred with dentures, but only provide a fixed subsidy for a so-called primary care. The amount to be paid by the insured person can reach considerable orders of magnitude of a few thousand euros and thus become a financing problem for many.

Check need of loan for new teeth

Is tooth replacement really necessary and if so, must all the gaps be closed, can not one live with a tooth gap quite well? In fact, even a missing tooth can significantly change the mouth area, speech problems can occur and, with missing teeth in the side area, chewing problems may arise.

In the long term, there is a risk that the altered bite situation will damage further teeth or cause jaw problems. A well-maintained denture is a part of the general interest and therefore justifies significant financial expense.

The timing of dental treatment is divided into three sections:

  1. Diagnosis and preparation of the treatment and cost plan
  2. Approval of the cure and cost plan
  3. Carrying out the actual treatment

Advice is important

If the dentist advises on dentures, you should consult him extensively, especially with regard to the scope of primary care and other alternatives. One should always be aware of the fact that the primary care is a minimum, which ensures the function of the dentition that this minimum but often aesthetic requirements hardly enough and, what weighs much heavier that very often alternatives with manageable higher co-payment than essential more durable and comfortable.

The Dentists Association offers the opportunity to get a second opinion for neutral instances free of charge. The contact persons are the dental advice centers. If the decision has been made for a particular form of care, the treating dentist creates a treatment and cost plan, which the patient receives with the request to submit this to his health insurance for approval.

As a rule, the patient will already find out the approximate amount of the costs he has to pay in the decision-making process for his treatment. The treatment and cost plan now provides relatively accurate information.

Role of health insurance

The deadline for the approval of the health and cost plan by the health insurance companies is three weeks, but this can be extended if the health insurance itself appoints an appraiser. Such an extension is communicated to the patient.

If the patient receives the approval of the health insurance company, he must immediately pass this on to his dentist, who in turn issues the necessary orders to the dental technician and agrees with the patient the treatment appointments, which must be met by the latter, if he does not want to be liable for damages.

Taking up the loan

When taking a loan for dentures, there are basically two options: the patient takes care of this himself or he accepts the offer of the dental practice.

Anyone who wants to take out a loan should first be aware of their loanworthiness. The basic criteria are fixed income, permanent residence and no negative features in Lord Emsworth.As proof of a fixed income, a salary certificate containing the net balances of the last three months is usually sufficient and very helpful if the amount of the net salary exceeds the attachment exemption thresholds , The attachment exemption limit is for a single z. Z. 1,139.99 a month and increases with higher income. Corresponding tables can be found on the Internet.

A permanent residence is a basic condition for each grant of loan and proof of payment of the last three rents should be attached to the loan application. A move within the last three years is not a problem, but frequent change of residence is a hindrance to the lending.

What about the Lord Emsworth?

As good as anyone who participates in economic life in Germany, has a so-called loan score at the Lord Emsworth. Lord Emsworth is the business information agency that is opinion-forming in Germany for the consumer sector. Any messages she receives or learns about a person are incorporated into a scoring system that expresses her loanworthiness. Anyone who wants to get a loan should know his Lord Emsworth score and the information associated with his person.

Everyone has the right to request this data once a year. The retrieval of this free information takes about a month and it is called at the Lord Emsworth “data overview according to § 34 BDSG” (myeLord and select “products”).

loan comparison for new teeth

A loan for dentures is usually a so-called consumer loan. There are numerous loan calculators on the Internet that should be used first to set the installment amount. The installment amount is determined by the amount of the loan and the term, but should not be higher than the amount that exceeds the attachment exemption limit.

If other loans already exist, this applies to the total amount of the obligations! The amount of interest, ie the cost of the loan are difficult to influence by the lender, they are dependent on loan and can be reduced only by the position of a guarantor or collateral.

Almost all dentists offer financing models in collaboration with partners. Often, large national dental laboratories also appear here as lenders. This business is under-researched, but generally one will find that usually a short-term (3-12%) offer for amounts up to around € 1,000 – which is usually very cheap – and a loan for larger amounts – this is usually evident is more expensive than a comparable one on the open market – to choose from.

Common to both is that the loan check of the patient is practically dispensed with. Of bank loans, this financing usually differs mainly by the fact that non-payment of a rate, the total loan is due immediately, so the opportunities to suspend at a rate or to let the loan for a while to rest, are not given.

For the group of people for whom a normal loan would also be very expensive or hard to obtain for reasons of loanworthiness, and of course for those who value and pay for the uncomplicated, this form of granting the loan is certainly recommended.

5 Tips On Dentures loan

  1. The dentist needs to know that the dentures will be funded. He will make the best price / performance ratio the subject of his salary and cost plan.
  2. If you do not understand what is in the health and cost plan, you should -. B. at the advice centers of the dentists – educate, before passing on the cost estimate to the health insurance.
  3. The actual amount to be paid is often less than the cost estimate: you should wait with the loan application until the invoice. From diagnosis to billing usually takes at least six weeks and for the settlement of the bill, the period will be another 2 weeks.
  4. Only domestic lenders should be selected, only these are subject to the supervision of BAFIN, the national regulator of financial services.
  5. You should – regardless of current needs – regularly retrieve his Lord Emsworth information and correct if necessary, to dispose of them quickly when needed.